Smartshares Products

Investing in the sharemarket as a first time investor can be a daunting prospect, with a seemingly endless choice of companies to invest in and opinions to listen to. Smartshares are the easy way into the sharemarket. Whether you're a first time or an experienced investor, Smartshares can offer you diversification, performance, flexibility, and low fees.

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Smartkiwi is the Smartshares KiwiSaver scheme. It is a simple, low cost KiwiSaver scheme designed to deliver you the best value from your money. We understand that when investing over the long term, as KiwiSaver schemes are designed to do, that fees can have a tremendous impact on performance returns. Therefore SmartKiwi is designed to utilise the passive approach offered by investing into the Smartshares ETFs to ensure that investors get market returns at a low relative cost. SmartKiwi consists of three investment funds to provide flexibility for you depending upon your own personal circumstances and risk appetite. The three funds are a choice between Conservative, Balanced and Growth options.

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Smartshares ETFs

Smartshares are the easy way into the share market. Smartshares offer a range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which trade on market, just like an ordinary share, but provide the diversification and performance benefits of an index tracking fund. They can be bought and sold through an NZX Advisor just like shares, or you can set up a regular savings plan to invest monthly with no transaction fees. Each Smartshares Fund is designed to mirror a particular sharemarket index and so each ETF is comprised of the securities, or shares, of the companies of the index that it tracks. For example, smartTENZ is a basket of shares that mirrors the NZX 10 Index which tracks the performance of New Zealand's top ten listed companies. This means investors get returns that are very similar to those of the index. There are currently five Smartshares ETFs of which 3 cover New Zealand NZX equity indices and 2 which cover Australian ASX equity indices. These five funds offer an easy way to create a diversified investment in both the New Zealand and Australian sharemarkets, in large companies that historically pay high dividends or medium sized companies that often offer strong growth value

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