TTK $1.770 $0.000 / 0.00% 52 Week Change: $-1.030 / -36.79%
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TeamTalk Limited
Security Type
Ordinary Shares
NZX SmallCap and NZX All
Services / Media & Comms


Trading Status Trading
Trades 0
Value $0.00
Volume 0
Capitalisation (000s) $50,213


Open $1.770
High $0.000
Low $0.000
High Bid $1.720
Low Offer $1.770


P/E 12.310
EPS $0.144
NTA $0.122
Gross Div Yield 15.694%
Shares Issued 28,368,994
Data up to date as of 24/04/2014 06:58AM

Company Description

Niche telecommunications services provider

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Company Analysis

TeamTalk was formed by former Post Office technician David Ware in 1992 with finance from a US venture capital company. It launched its mobile radio service in August 1994 from sites in Auckland and Wellington. When its US parent suffered financial difficulties, TeamTalk was purchased by its management. In 2000 NZ investment company ...(more)