PEB $1.060 -$0.060 / -5.36% 52 Week Change: $0.480 / 82.81%
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Pacific Edge Limited
Security Type
Ordinary Shares
NZX 50, NZX 50 Portfolio, NZX SciTech, NZX MidCap, and NZX All
Services / Finance & Other Services


Trading Status Trading
Trades 91
Value $472,245.81
Volume 439,611
Capitalisation (000s) $337,733


Open $1.120
High $1.100
Low $1.050
High Bid $1.050
Low Offer $1.060


P/E 0.000
EPS -$0.029
NTA $0.024
Gross Div Yield 0.000%
Shares Issued 318,615,921
Data up to date as of 25/04/2014 06:00PM

Company Description

Biotechnology company, specialising diagnosis and characterisation of diseases.

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Company Analysis

Pacific Edge Limited (PEB) was formed in August 2001 following acquisition of intellectual property from the University of Otago. The company is involved in the development of tools for early detection, diagnosis and characterisation of diseases, particularly cancer. It plans to develop sophisticated diagnostic and screening tools based ...(more)