NZX Services

Listed Issuers

Listing on the NZX Main Board or NZX Debt Market

The Benefits of Listing

Listing is the fuel that can economically transform your business. Listing provides:

  • The ability to raise capital for growth;
  • Options for company owners;
  • A boost to your brand profile;
  • Improved culture and workforce loyalty; and
  • Strengthens your business infrastructure.

Who to Contact

If you’re interested in listing, get in touch so we can start talking about the process for your business. You can email or call +64 9 368 4186.

The NZX Alternative Market

The NZX Alternative Market is a lower cost marketplace, designed for small to medium-sized, fast-growth businesses seeking a safe and efficient alternative capital raising facility. The Alternative Market also allows for tailored use by non-traditional entities (e.g. co-operatives) seeking a mechanism for trading and price discovery. In addition to making it easier to list, NZX provides more support through a unique NZX Sponsor function and a more flexible regulatory regime. See Listing on the AX for more information.