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NZX Data Vendors & Distributors

NZX processes and generates information throughout the trading day, from data on individual trades and share price movements to company announcements. This data, is valuable to financial professionals, private investors and anyone else who wants to keep up to date on NZX's Markets. You can purchase this market information directly from NZX or through a licensed Data Vendor.

Becoming an NZX Data Vendor

If you are interested in becoming an NZX Data Distributor please email your details to and an NZX representative will contact you.

NZX Market Data Policy

The NZX Data Policies document sets out the terms and conditions upon which persons or entities receiving data may use and/or disseminate NZX data.

NZX Data Products

NZX Data provides real-time, delayed, end of day and historical data products generated by trading activity on NZX's markets. Please see products for further information.