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A Market Participant is a business accredited by NZX to participate in the markets provided by NZX. NZX also accredits financial advisors within these businesses as NZX Advisors or NZX Associate Advisors.

For assistance or information on becoming a Market Participant please email You can also download the following guide:

Guide to Becoming a Market Participant 
Guide to Becoming a Clearing Participant
Guide to Becoming an Advising Participant (Derivatives Market)
Guide to Becoming a Trading Participant (Derivatives Market)


The NZX Diploma is the minimum educational qualification required to become an accredited NZX Advisor.

Kaplan Professional, in conjunction with NZX, offers two New Zealand-tailored subjects for the NZX Diploma. The NZX Diploma requires completion of six subjects.

The Diploma consists of 4 compulsory and 2 elective subjects.

Core subjects (all four are compulsory)

  • The New Zealand Stock Market (405N)
  • Securities Law and Market Regulation in New Zealand (508N)
  • Financial Markets and Economic Principles (FIN101)
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation (FIN103)

Elective subjects (choose any two)

  • Interest Rate Markets (FIN240)
  • Futures and Options Markets and Trading (FIN329)
  • Investment Management (FIN206)
  • Industrial Equity Analysis (FIN322)
  • Funding Sources (FIN223)
  • Fundamentals of Asset Valuation (FIN202)


Some subjects do have assumed knowledge prerequisites. For full information on these requirements please refer to the Kaplan Professional website, or contact Kaplan Professional directly. NZX cannot advise on these prerequisites.

The two New Zealand subjects are designed and written by experienced industry practitioners, to ensure the information provided accurately reflects today's New Zealand stock market. Subjects are offered by distance education only.

Recognition and Exemptions

Exemption from an NZX Diploma paper will be granted if you have obtained Advanced Standing in that paper from Finsia Education. NZX does not grant exemptions from NZX Diploma papers and candidates seeking exemptions should contact Kaplan Professional. Exemption from an NZX Diploma paper may be granted if you have any of the following:

  • an equivalent New Zealand qualification (from an NZQA recognised institution);
  • an equivalent overseas qualification (you must be able to demonstrate the standing of the institute conferring the qualification and show that the syllabus of the qualification is substantially equivalent to the NZX Diploma paper); or
  • relevant experience and/or current competence in all learning outcomes covered by that paper

Refer to the Kaplan Professional website for more information.