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NZX Agri Products

We get up close and report on what really matters to New Zealand agriculture! Our award-winning team delivers valuable information to farmers, when and where they need it, to help their decision-making. The NZX Agri publications provide all the news, latest market updates, farm management information, research articles and analysis for New Zealand's agri-industry.

Phone 0800 85 25 80 or email subs@nzx.com for further information.

The New Zealand Farmers Weekly

Established 2003. The leading New Zealand farming newspaper and the reader's choice for jobs, classifieds and real eastate. Free to every farmer, every week, and read online around the world.

Delivery: Delivered weekly newspaper with online platform


Established 1978. New Zealand's leading monthly farm management magazine for New Zealand's most progressive pastoral farmers. 12 issues.

Delivery: Monthly magazine

New Zealand Dairy Exporter

Trusted since 1925 and read by every progressive dairy farmer, every month. An absolute must on every dairy farm. 12 issues

Delivery: Monthly magazine

Young Country

Inspiring a new generation of agri leadership - and everyone loves reading it. The most exciting new magazine on the market. 6 issues.

Delivery: Bi-monthly magazine

Heartland Sheep

New Zealand's ultimate sheep farm management annual and all-breed stud breefer index. Essnetial long-term reference magazine.

Delivery: Annual publication, each October 1

Heartland Beef

NZ's ultimate beef farm management annual. Includes a comprehensive all-breed beef breeder index. 180 pages.

Delivery: Annual publication, early May 1

Heartland Agronomy

Cultivating profitability. A publication dedicated entirely to helping farmers grow better pasture, crop yields and profits.Has appeal to both pastoral and dairy farmers.

Delivery: Annual publication, each July

AgriFind Directory

New Zealand's most comprehensive agribusiness directory. Free to all 80,000 farmers every year.

Delivery: Annual publication, each May