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FundSource Products

FundSource is New Zealand's leading investment research house, supplying analysis to financial planners and fund managers since 1987. FundSource provides comprehensive research conducted on New Zealand and Australian managed funds available to New Zealand investors including prices, performances and general fund information, including KiwiSaver Schemes.

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Asset Class Performance Report

This report is a comprehensive research paper comparing investment results in different assets over varying time horizons. It provides 10 and 20 year comparisons of investments in managed funds, property (both residential and investment), domestic and international shares, both corporate and government bonds available to NZ investors.

Delivery: Ad hoc publication, available through website

FundSource Investment Viewer

FundSource's research platform is updated regularly with over 700 funds available to NZ investors, incorporating fund prices, fund sizes, industry reports. The platform includes weekly fund prices, monthly performance statistics, fund profiles with performance graphs and asset allocation and monthly Newsbrief. It also provides analytical tools such as risk / return graphs for comparison when modelling and reporting for clients.

Delivery: Software application

Industry Trends and Market Composition (Retail)

FundSource delivers a quarterly survey of the New Zealand Managed Funds Industry - both wholesale and retail. This report details historic and total funds under management, including by client type, by asset class and by company.

Delivery: Annual subscription, available through website

Industry Trends and Market Composition (Retail and Wholesale)

This report details historical and current fund size, growth and market share, including net funds flow and net funds under management

Delivery: Annual subscription, available through website

KiwiSaver Survey

FundSource Kiwisaver report provides a quarterly consolidated view of the KiwiSaver Schemes available to NZ members. The report highlights similarities and differences in performances of KiwiSaver Conservative, Balanced, Growth, Default and Single-Sector funds. It covers member information, performances, funds flow, funds under management and asset allocation. 

Delivery: Annual subscription, available through website